What is Check In & Check Out all about?

Picture this: post a 10-hour bus ride through the middle of nowhere, you make it to the hotel bar and fall into what can only be described as a sweaty heap. As a weary traveller, you’re not quite sure what your next move is. Where’s the best place to eat that isn’t a sure-fire scam? Where can you go that won’t be flooded by flocks of tourists? The couple beside you seem to be reading your thoughts: and three hours later you’re waist-deep in stories, trading tips you’re pretty positive you wouldn’t find on Tripadvisor.

Enter Check In & Check Out, a (presumably) world-first, crowdsourced travel podcast built on this exact idea: that travel tips are simply better from other travellers. You’ll be guided by host and travel wannabe Chris Plumridge, who every episode puts the call out for travellers far and wide to chat about featured destinations and topics, and takes you on a trip around the world from the comfort of your couch, or your train seat, or wherever it is you enjoy your pods. It’s time to see the world - but not without the nuggets of wisdom other itchy-footed explorers have to give you.

Burn your travel guides. Cancel the sponsored vloggers. We’re going on a trip; a real one.

Behind Check In & Check Out

Check In & Check Out is a production of Jet Streamer. For more info, contact info@jetstreamer.com.au.
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