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I reckon, by far, the best travel advice I've ever received hasn't come from a guidebook, a travel blog or a travel review website.

Don't get me wrong, your Lonely Planet and Rick Steves guidebooks are still really important travel tools (I won't throw mine out!)... but they can't match those little "go here", "see this" or "try that" nuggets of wisdom that you get when you're playing cards at a youth hostel kitchen table, introducing yourself to other members of your tour group, chatting with fellow hikers on the hiking trail, or making awkward small talk with the family sharing the cable car gondola. Those are places I received some of the best travel tips I ever got, and now I want to share more of those travel gems with you.

I'm Chris Plumridge, and I'm definitely not a travel expert. Check In & Check Out is my way of trying to collect all those brilliant pieces of travel advice everyday travellers have to share, and hopefully creating something that can help both you and I as we explore the world.

I've interviewed a whole bunch of travellers (though I need to talk to a whole lot more!) and asked them for their best experiences, stories, and advice. Each episode will feature some of those stories from a whole host of ordinary travellers on a particular topic. They'll inspire you, share their stories and their wisdom, make you laugh, make you gasp, tell you what to Google... and maybe be the start of the best travel experience you've ever had.

Take a listen to the trailer to get a feel for what the show will be about, make sure you follow along so you don't miss the very first episode, submit your story via our website, and buckle your seatbelt. This is going to be the ride of our lives!

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This is a podcast all about travelling, but more importantly it's a podcast all about travellers. Whether you're an "I've been to 100 countries" traveller or an "I went camping once" traveller, you've got something to get out of this show, and something to contribute, too.

Anyone who's ever travelled anywhere can be a guest, or just submit your story. Click the link to get in touch! And come and join the Check In & Check Out community on Instagram, or the Check In & Check Out Travel Squad group on Facebook, so we can share our wisdom with each other.

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Trailer: Check In and Check Out
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