The best travel advice doesn't come from a guidebook. Or a review website. Or sponsored content creators. The best travel advice comes from real travellers. Whether you're sharing tips with other folks in a youth hostel kitchen in Bogota or swapping stories in an airport hotel bar in Auckland, every unforgettable travel experience starts with that one, beautiful nugget of wisdom from a fellow traveller.

Check In & Check Out is the travel advice podcast for real travellers. Each episode, host and travel newbie Chris Plumridge puts the call out to everyday travellers (with a few experts sprinkled in) to ask them for their best pieces of hard-earned travel wisdom. Whether they had an unforgettable experience, made a rookie mistake, or just learned something about themselves, our CI&CO travel community has plenty to share with you to make your next trip your best trip yet. 

So what are you waiting for? Join us! Grab your tickets and let's go!

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Welcome back to Check In & Check Out! I always reckon the key difference between being on a holiday and on an adventure is that on an adventure, the setbacks are part...

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Trailer: Check In and Check Out

I reckon, by far, the best travel advice I've ever received hasn't come from a guidebook, a travel blog or a travel review website. Don't get me wrong, your Lonely Pl...

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